Having all these nightmares…It has been weeks…. Because of my daylife is not that good….This is an outrage!!!! I guess I have to let all my stress out.   Advertisements

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Played basketball

Today I got up late again. I really don’t understand why I’m like this. I am losing my fate… To clear my heavy heart & mind I picked up my basketball and went out to the playground at night. So I ran some tracks, and tried to score goals. It really helped. I really like […]

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Being my perfect self.

Well..I didn’t succeeded….oh..drat… I couldn’t wake up in the morning. It’s so tiring. I got up real late. Like 7:00 I set my alarm clock to 5:00 But couldn’t study…. I hope I can wake up at 5:00 tomorrow. Wish me luck! Good night!

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Whole new me

I am trying to get a whole new me. Starting tomorrow. I hope it works. I always try to have a go at it. But I just back up. I am trying to be perfect. A perfect student. A wonderful daughter. And I want to believe that love is just a thing going on at […]

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Starting a blog

I am starting a blog. whaaaat?!?! I was inspired by Stan. From the Disney Drama ‘ Dog with a blog’ I don’t suspect that many people will come. But I guess I’ll be still using this blog to have some time to think about the day and look back. So bye for now~¬†Toodles~ (stan)

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